In the midst of the terrible World War II, La Voz de la Profecía emerged in Habana, Cuba which later became known as La Voz de la Esperanza. It's principle mission was to reach out to all of the Spanish speaking population through means of radio. From that same start, the radio program LA VOZ had tremendous success which has continued throughout the years.

La Voz de la Esperanza's mission which is sponsored by the Seventh-Day Adventist church at an international level, has illustrated God as the only means to hope and salvation. Thanks to the priceless support from all our donors, and through the power of Jesus Christ, La Voz de la Esperanza has planted, all dimensions of God's message with a message of assurance, peace, and love.       



Doctor Braulio Pérez Marcio was born in Spain in 1904, he was raised and educated in Argentina and taught in Central America. In 1942, while he ministered in Cuba as a pastor and evangelist, he was invited to lead and direct the radio program which would come to be known as La Voz de la Esperanza. He was the founder and speaker/director for more than 30 years. Not only did he lead the radio program, but also held evangelistic campaigns throughout many hispanic countries as well as the United States. His knowledge, compassion, and his ability to write books and poetry as well as his understanding of the hispanic culture made him a very influential personality. But, above all, he was an instrument of God which in a beautiful way, exalted the blessed hope of the Lord's second coming.