What is a Bible Worker?

The most eminent authority in the field of teaching the Bible is Jesus, the Master Teacher. He commissioned His disciples to continue His work in this world controlled by the enemy. Bible Instructors take the responsibility to teach those who want to hear the Word of God. Bible Instructors share the message of God with hungry souls and guide them according to the sacred word of the Bible to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus. They are responsible for helping the local church field to grow with small groups, Bible studies, community service events aimed at helping the local people, and they also encourage church members to touch the hearts of those who do not know our Savior. A Bible Instructor is the modern day disciple. As the disciples ministered in the New Testament, Bible Instructors minister in the field doing the work God has commended us to do. With your help we will hire Bible Instructors for the entire country of Cuba.  They will prepare the field so that thousands will know the merciful love of our Heavenly Father.

When Christ ascended, He left the church and all its interests as a sacred trust to His followers. And the work of the church is not to be left to the minister alone, or to a few leading men. Every member should feel that he has entered into a solemn covenant with the Lord to work for the best interests of His cause at all times and under all circumstances. Each should have some part to act, some burden to bear. If all church-members felt an individual responsibility, greater advancement would be made in spiritual things. The solemn burden of responsibility resting upon them would lead them to seek God often for strength and grace.
The real character of the church is measured, not by the high profession she makes, not by the names enrolled on her books, but by what she is actually doing for the Master, by the number of her persevering, faithful workers. Personal, unselfish effort will accomplish more for the cause of Christ than can be wrought by sermons or creeds.
Let ministers teach church-members that in order to grow in spirituality, they must carry the burden that the Lord has laid upon them,—the burden of leading souls into the truth. Those who are not fulfilling their responsibility should be visited, prayed with, labored for. Do not lead the people to depend upon you as ministers; teach them rather that they are to use their talents in giving the truth to those around them. In thus working they will have the co-operation of heavenly angels, and will obtain an experience that will increase their faith, and give them a strong hold on God.
— Gospel Workers, page 200, Ellen G. White