We Are Returning to Cuba!

La Voz de la Esperanza is pleased to announce that we are returning to Cuba after 7 years! We will celebrate the 75th anniversary of our ministry in the place where Pastor Braulio Pérez Marcio was ministering when he took charge of La Voz de la Esperanza in 1942. We will conduct a caravan of evangelistic meetings in churches throughout the country, culminating in La Havana with a special weekend to celebrate the 75th anniversary of La Voz de la Esperanza. The closing weekend will take place in a venue with a large capacity so that thousands may get to know our Savior, Jesus Christ. Our brothers and sisters in Cuba are very happy to work with us. They want to devote as much time as possible and dedicate their maximum effort to make this campaign a successful one for the glory of God.

In order to support the local church in the preparation of this great event, La Voz de la Esperanza is planning to hire a total of 300 Bible Instructors to minister to every door in the country, proclaiming the good news of salvation and preparing souls for the great harvest. It is our desire to hire them for a year to prepare the field, so that many will be ready to attend the evangelistic meetings. How much do you need to hire a Bible Instructor for a year in Cuba? $360! That's $30 a month! With your donation, we may not only cover the salary of 300 Bible Instructors for a full year in Cuba, but we will also be able to further deliver the message around the world through television. This means that not only Cuba will receive the powerful message of salvation, but also Spanish-speaking people around the world will be able to see and hear the gospel of our Heavenly Father.

Furthermore, the Cuban Union of Seventh-day Adventists needs to print 25,000 "Descubra" Bible courses to bring families in Cuba a better understanding of God's plan of salvation. They need to produce 350 DVDs specially designed for small groups, which will meet throughout the country in people’s private houses. The evangelistic effort will include the services of our La Voz de la Esperanza team: our Directors - Pastor Omar and his wife Nessy Grieve, our Director of Evangelism - Pastor Angel Rodriguez, and the musical talents of Junior Kelly Marchena and the “Heraldos de Esperanza”. We have faith that God will bless us in every step of preparation for this great project! We appreciate all your support in order to make this project a reality. May God bless you and keep you!